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OsteoBridge™ Knee Arthrodesis


Save a Leg

The OsteoBridge™ knee arthrodesis system provides reinforcement of the knee. The implant can also be used to bridge defects extending over long stretches of bone, or when resectioning the metaphyseal area of the femur or tibia.

Technical data

The system is available in three levels of configuration:

  • Standard system
  • Extended system
  • Extended PLUS system

Standard system configuration:
The Standard system used in basic care includes two nails and a spacer. Users can choose between nails with collars (incl. cemented nails) and conical nails without collars (straight or curved). Curved nails without collars, however, are only intended for use in the femur.
Spacers are also available in different lengths, with or without fixed flexion angles. All nails and spacers can be freely combined.
In situations in which the bone has a trumpet-shaped opening as a result of previous prostheses, and the medullary canal is cylindrical, straight nails with collars ensure that the nail will be well-supported within the bone.
Nails without collars taper in the proximal-distal direction along the unclamped length, which ensures good distribution of force within tapered medullary cavities.
Defects can be treated using a straight spacer measuring 40, 50, 60 or 70 mm in length, or with a 50-mm spacer having a 10° angle.

Extended system configuration:
The Extended system offers additional flexibility in care by allowing larger defects to be treated using an additional (collared or uncollared) spacer. This requires the use of uncollared nails, since
the additional spacer can only be clamped to those nails. Spacers without collars are 20 mm in length; those with collars are 30 mm long.

Extended system PLUS configuration:
The Extended System PLUS can be used to treat defects that extend across long segments of bone. This involves using a Spacer Connector to connect two spacers to one another.

  • High level of modularity for optimum adaptation to bone.
  • Can be an alternative to amputation.
  • Revisions of previous surgery, such as joint reconstruction (osteotomy), knee arthrodesis, or total knee endoprosthesis,
  • Post-traumatic situations in which knee TEP implants are not possible,
  • Loss of, or damage to, extensor apparatus,
  • Neuromuscular indications,
  • Infections after which it is necessary for the extremity to bear weight immediately,
  • Tumours in the knee area.

Move your mouse over the image for a before / after effect:

X-Rays kindly supported by Dr. med. Patrick Klauke, St. Josefs-Hospital Cloppenburg

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