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Start News EPOS, Rome, 4/6th – 8th/2016

EPOSMerete Medical featured on the 35th EPOS Annual Meeting in Rome as one of 24 exhibitors. Also internationally, our product line PediatrOS™ with its clamps FlexTack™ and RigidTack™ attracts wide interest. Dr. med. Björn Vogts (Münster University Hospital) lecture, FlexTack™ and RigidTack™ – New Devices for the Correction of Angular Deformities and Leg Length Discrepancies by Temporary Epiphysiodesis, was part of the scientific program. By Dr. Vogts courtesy, Merete could make new contacts and specifically indicate to the efficency of FlexTack™ and RigidTack™ and its fast, minimally invasive surgical technique.