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The modular system for the fusion of the knee joint.


The System:

Due to the implant design of OsteoBridge Knee Arthrodesis small and medium bone defects can be treated. The system consists of an angled spacer for bridging the damaged joint as well as a set of nails with collar in different lenghts and diameters to anchor the implant in femur and tibia. Due to previous TKAs the bone ends have become trumpet shaped openings. The nails with collar adapt to this anatomy very well.

The angled spacer enables a flexion of 10°. By rotating the spacer the valgus-varus position of the joint can be adjusted. X-ray templates are available for the preoperative planning. Intraoperatively the surgeon can select the appropriate implant sizes with the aid of trail components.
Interlocking screws with a diameter of 5 mm (lenghts 20 mm to 56 mm) are provided in this package. They ensure a secure fixation of the nails into the bone. The instruments are provided in two trays.


Surgical Case Studies:



  • Failed surgery (total knee replacement/arthroplasty)
  • Arthrodesis or knee protheses infections
  • Periprothetic fractures
  • Posttraumatic condition preventing an implantation of a knee prothesis
  • Tumors in the proximity of the knee
  • Loosening or impairment of the pulley



  • Modularity of the system ensures flexible supply
  • Cementless and cemented implantation possible
  • Immediate mobility and analgesia possible
  • Simple handling, short time surgery



  • TiAl6V4



The surgeon will be provided with a preoperativ planning including a selection of necessary implants based on the patient's x-rays. For the first surgeries all necessary implants and instruments will be provided on a loan basis. Before surgery a Merete product specialist will demonstrate the use of the instruments and implants. In addition the variable applications of the implant will be shown.


Current information and product details can be found in our brochure OsteoBridge®Knee Arthrodesis, which is available in our download area.

For further information or individual offers please feel free to contact us at any time - we will be pleased to provide you any assistance!


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