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The gold standard in revision surgery.

Merete brought the BioBall® system onto the market as a “modular joint prosthesis system” at the end of the 1990s. It has now become the “gold standard” in hip endoprosthetic revision surgery, and has been recommended many times over in the literature. The titanium BioBall® adapter allows intra-operative adjustment of offset, neck length, lateralisation and antetorsion/retrotorsion with in situ stems to improve gait. Combining the MaxiMotion™ Dual-Mobility Cup with the advantages of the BioBall® Adapter helps minimise the risk of dislocation by providing a greater ROM (range of motion). With its offset components and special tapers in sizes of up to 5XL, the system should also be on hand in every hospital as a solution for unexpected situations in primary endoprosthetic care too

System overview

Clinical Evidence

The BioBall prosthesis therefore has a 100% survivorship in our institution at a mean of 2.4 years (range 9 months – 4.7 years) with revision as the endpoint, and a 94% survivorship for dislocation or re-operation.

Author: Benjamin Bloch, Simon West
Year: 2015

Titel AE-Manual der Endoprothetik

In our hands, the BioBall system from Merete […] has proven itself.

Title: AE-Manual der Endoprothetik – Hüfte und Hüftrevision
Author: C. Perka
Year: 2012

The Merete® BioBall® adapter has shown a significant reduction of leg length discrepancy andincrease in femoral offset in
revision THA.

Title: Journal of Arthroplasty – Significantly Reduced Leg Length Discrepancy and Increased Femoral Offset by Application of a Head-Neck Adapter in Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty
Author: J. Woelfle, C. R. Fraitzl, H. Reichel,
D. Wernerus
Year: 2013

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