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Surgical Technique E-IFU

BioBall® Adapter – Standard


The original, proven head system in 12/14 and 14/16 offset variants

Today, the modular BioBall® system is available in practically certified endoprosthetic clinic in Germany. Over the past fifteen years, it has proven its worth nationally and internationally, and has become the gold standard in endoprosthetic hip revision surgery.
The BioBall® system, which Merete brought onto the market in 1999, allows surgeons to compensate misalignment between prosthesis stems and acetabular cups intraoperatively. When used in revision surgery, the system’s titanium adapters make it possible to use ceramic components with an existing stem.

The BioBall® adapter’s variable neck lengths and range of options in terms of both sliding pairs and head sizes allow intraoperative problem-solving, the advantages of which have been described in the literature (LINK to literature) many times over. The risk of dislocation following a hip TEP can be minimised or eliminated.

The system should also be on hand during primary operations to address unexpected situations. BioBall® Offset versions allow medialisation or lateralisation as well as correction of retro- or antetorsion when correcting femoral neck length.

Please use the BioBall® AdapterSelector™ to check cone geometry intraoperatively or identify defects in the cone of the in-situ stem during revision surgery.

BioBall® adapters should only be combined with BioBall® heads.
For more information or consultation regarding training, internships, the BioBall® AdapterSelector™, or special insertion cones (combinable only with metal heads), please contact our Customer Service hotline in Berlin at +49(0) 30 77 99 80-0.


  • Standard titanium adapters (TiAl6V4 ELI) are available sizes S to 5XL, as well as in special sizes
  • Can be combined with metal or ceramic heads
  • Adapter design combines exceptional component safety with maximum range of motion (ROM)
  • Additional cone geometries upon request
  • Custom designs upon request
  • BioBall® AdapterSelector 12/14 and 14/16 for reliably checking cone geometry intraoperatively (included with instrument tray HM30770)
  • Offset adapters allow medialisation or lateralisation as well as correction of retro- or antetorsion when correcting femoral neck length (see BioBall® Offset Adapter)
  • Sliding pair revisions
  • Intraoperative correction of neck length on prosthetic stem anchored in-situ

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