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Surgical Technique E-IFU

BioBall® AdapterSelector™


Precision and safety in intraoperative assessment of cone geometry

The BioBall® AdapterSelector™ is the first instrument specifically approved for checking cone geometry on an existing stem.

The BioBall® AdapterSelector™ offers surgeons security in intraoperative decision-making and makes it easier to verify compatibility between stem and adapter, while also representing a documented assessment of any potential cone defects or irregularities.

The additional security and precision it provides over purely visual / macroscopic checks is especially helpful when treating patients with older or unknown stem models, or those who have lost their endoprosthesis records.

Technical Data
  • For 12/14 and 14/16 cones
  • BioBall AdapterSelector® for other cone sizes available on request
  • Intraoperative assessment of cone geometry and reliable identification of any defects on the cone of the existing stem

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