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BioBall® MaxiMotion™ Cup


Modular acetabular cup based on the Dual Mobility concept

Thanks to the BioBall® Maxi Motion™ Cup, the proven BioBall® adapter system can be combined with the advantages of the Dual Mobility concept (based on the work of Prof. Bousquet), which is particularly beneficial in treating patients at risk of experiencing dislocation. The time-tested large head principle helps maintain patient mobility.

Modular BioBall® MaxiMotion™ acetabular cups are available for either cemented or cementless implantation. Inlays and (metal or ceramic) heads are already pre-assembled to make them easier to use in surgery.

BioBall® adapters make it possible to adjust neck length, medialisation / lateralisation and retro- or antetorsion to fit the individual patient.


  • Variants: cemented and cementless
  • Sizes: diameters 46-68
  • Heads: Ceramic or metal, diameters 46-68
  • Cup materials: Vivium®*1
  • Inlay materials: UHMWPE with DELTA ceramic heads or Vivium®

* BIOLOX® delta is a registered trademark of CeramTec GmbH

** Vivium® is a registered trademark of Merete GmbH (High Nitrogen Stainless Steel – ISO 5832-9)

  • Effectively reduces risk of dislocation by combining the benefits of large-head prostheses and the BioBall® Adapter System
  • Lower friction between components thanks to dual-mobility design
  • Can be combined with standard or offset BioBall® Adapters in all sizes
  • Inlays and BioBall® heads are already pre-assembled, so no assembly is required during surgery
  • High risk of dislocation
  • Advanced wear of the hip joint due to degenerative, post-traumatic or rheumatic diseases, including advanced avascular necrosis of the femoral head, which cannot be treated using conservative or joint-preserving surgical procedures
  • revisions of previous surgeries (rejection of total hip endoprosthesis, hemiarthroplasty or osteosynthetic treatment of a fracture near the femoral head and osteotomies near the hip joint)

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