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Surgical Technique  E-IFU

MetaFix™ I


The proven angle-stable system for hallux valgus correction

MetaFix™ I is a fixed-angle osteosynthesis system designed for medial stabilisation of mild to severe Hallux valgus through modified proximal chevron osteotomy, as developed by Dr. med. Diedrich W. Haesen, Fleetinsel Clinic of Hamburg. Angle stability is achieved through a fixed connection between the plate and the screws.

Technical data
  • Side-specific, five sizes each: 26 mm – 36 mm
  • Plates and screws made of titanium alloy (TiAl6V4 ELI)
  • To be used with MetaFix™ LS screws, 3.0 and 3.5 mm diameters
  • Two K-wire holes allow temporary fixation of the plate to the bone
  • For minor and severe misalignments
  • Proximal crossing of screws provides superior plate strength and load-bearing capacity
  • Reduced post-operative oedema
  • Early functional therapy improves ROM
  • Immediate weight-bearing possible (only upon consultation with doctor)
  • Stabilisation and fixation of deformities, arthrodeses, fractures, or reconstructive or revision procedures in the foot area

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