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MetaFix™ Plantar BG10


Plantar arthrodesis after lapidus

The MetaFix™ Plantar BG10 System is an innovative, user-friendly fixed-angle plate implant system providing secure stabilisation of plantar arthrodeses following lapidus. The plate’s proximal medial tab ensures precise, optimum initial fixation using unidirectional fixed-angle screws. Biomechanically optimised plate placement allows plantar cerciage, which helps the joint bear weight early on so that patients can rapidly become mobile again. The MetaFix™ Plantar BG10 was developed in collaboration with Dr. med. Bernd Gaudin, Hygiea Clinic, Berlin.

Technical data
  • Osteosynthetic stabilisation of lapidus arthrodesis through plantar plate and dorsal compression screw
  • Low profile, anatomically shaped plate available in two sizes, side-specific
  • Proven Merete-MetaFix™ basic instrument set with LS 3.0 mm and 3.5 mm diameter screws, plus Merete Cannulated PCS dorsal compression screws
  • All implants made of ELI TiAl6V4
  • The panel’s proximal medial tab allows simple, optimally placed initial fixation using a unidirectional, fixed-angle screw, making the remaining screws easier to install
  • Biomechanically optimised plate placement allows plantar cerciage, allowing rapid return to weight-bearing and mobilisation
  • Plate covered by soft tissue, e.g., abductor hallucis
  • Correction of medium and large intermetatarsal angles, even after unsuccessful corrective work around the stem
  • Fixed-angle system provides high primary stability without loss of correction
  • Bending zones allow adaptation to individual situations without damaging threaded holes
  • K-wire holes on plate allow temporary fixation
  • Moderate to severe hallux valgus
  • Tarsometatarsal I joint hypermobility
  • Tarsometatarsal I joint arthrosis
  • Correction of unsuccessful stem osteotomy

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