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Surgical Technique E-IFU

MultiCup™ II


Modular, cementless Acetabular cup implant

The MultiCup™ II is a modular, cementless acetabular implant. The implant’s PressFit geometry provides primary stability. A titanium-plasma spray (TPS) coating or titanium-plasma-spray (TPS) EPICAL® surface supports osseointegration and secondary stability. Its modular design enables surgeons to adapt to individual patient situations both before and during the operation. The MultiCup™ II acetabular implant is available either without bore holes, or with seven bore holes for fixed-angle screw connections. The acetabular cups can be combined with cross-linked standard- or high-wall UHMWPE inlays (XPE) or with BIOLOX® delta ceramic inlays.

Technical data
  • Cup diameters 44-70 mm available
  • Inlays available in diameters 36-44 mm
  • Inlays available in Standard or High-Wall variants
  • Screws: fixed-angle, available in seven sizes ranging from 10 to 40 mm
  • Shell material: EPICAL™
  • Inlay material: XPE or BIOLOX® delta ceramic
  • Snap-lock mechanism securely anchors XPE inlays
  • Multiple anti-rotation mechanisms ensure rotational stability of UHMWPE-inlay-cup module
  • Up to seven fixed-angle screws can optionally be used to provide secure fixation during revision operations.
  • Advanced wear of the proximal femur due to degenerative, post-traumatic or rheumatic diseases, including advanced avascular necrosis of the femoral head, which cannot be treated using conservative or joint-preserving surgical procedures
  • revisions of previous surgeries (rejection of total hip endoprosthesis, hemiarthroplasty or osteosynthetic treatment of a fracture near the femoral head and osteotomies near the hip joint)

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