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OsteoBridge™ IntraDocking™


Intramedullary treatment of periprosthetic fractures

The OsteoBridge™ IntraDocking™ System is a custom-designed product as defined under the Medical Devices Act. The OsteoBridge™ One Way Docking is an implant used in treating periprosthetic fractures in patients with in situ hip or knee prosthetics with coupling to an OsteoBridge™ diaphyseal implant.

OsteoBridge™ Two Way Docking is an implant used to treat or prevent interprosthetic fractures between two prostheses.

Both are extremity-conserving implants intended as possible alternatives to amputation or total extremity replacement.

Technical data
  • One-way spacer for treating periprosthetic fractures in patients with in-situ knee or hip prostheses
  • Two-way spacer for treating or preventing interprosthetic fractures in the femur
  • Spacers for various designs and diameters of prosthetics
  • Clamping sleeve for treating stems with ribbed profiles
  • Cemented fixation of OsteoBridge™ IntraDocking™ One Way nails
  • Immediate post-operative weight bearing allows fast patient mobilisation
  • Conservation of extremities: Alternative to complete femur replacement or amputation
  • Individual treatment
  • Optional treatment proposal creation and operation monitoring
  • Periprosthetic and interprosthetic fractures in the femur with stable prosthetic stems, where stem replacement would not lead to treatment success.

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X-Rays kindly supported by Dr. med. R. Jahn, Johanniter Krankenhaus Stendal

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