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PediatrOS™ FlexTack™


Growth steering with varus/valgus misalignments

For correcting axis misalignment (Genu varum/valgum) using hemi-epiphysiodesis. The flexible centre area of the anatomically shaped PediatrOS™ flex tack™ allows it to bend open in vivo in response to bone growth forces, helping steer paediatric and adolescent bone growth gently and precisely. The trapezoidal design of the PediatrOS™ FlexTack™ staple is closely aligned to the anatomy of the femur and tibia. Cannulated legs allow precise placement using K wires. This technological improvement on conventional implants for correcting varus/valgus misalignments provides excellent fluoroscopy times and can be implanted using minimally invasive techniques.

Technical data
  • Trapezoidal design
  • 3 sizes: 20 mm (blue), 25 mm (green) & 30 mm (purple)
  • Serrated leg design
  • Cannulated for 1.6 mm K wire.
  • First anatomically shaped titanium implant designed to correct leg length differences
  • Flexible central area that bends open
  • Shipped sterile
  • Fast, minimally invasive surgery technology
  • Ideal biomechanical alignment
  • Low fluoroscopy times (35% reduction) compared to plate systems
  • Alignment template ensures precise placement
  • Easy to remove using 2.0 mm K wire with threaded tip
  • ONE set of instruments for two indications: PediatrOS™ FlexTack™ and PediatrOS™ RigidTack™
  • Immediate weight-bearing possible
    Staple implant for bone growth guidance in children by means of temporary hemi-epiphysiodesis to correct axis misalignment

  • of the knee (genu varum/valgum, genu recurvatum/antecurvatum)
  • of the hip (varus)
  • of the ankle (varus/valgus, plantar flexion)
  • of the elbow (varus/valgus)
  • of the wrist (varus/valgus)

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