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Surgical Technique E-IFU

PediatrOS™ RigidTack™


Growth steering for leg length differences

To ensure that the staples will behave rigidly and mechanically, their central areas are reinforced especially well, allowing stable, precise temporary epiphysiodesis. The trapezoidal design of the PediatrOS™ RigidTack™ staple is closely aligned to the anatomy of the femur and tibia. Cannulated legs allow accurate placement using K wires. Low fluoroscopy times are another advantage. The PediatrOS™ RigidTack™ is the only growth-steering implant on the market specifically developed and approved for correcting leg length differences in children and adolescents.

Technical data
  • Trapezoidal design
  • 3 sizes: 20 mm, 25 mm & 30 mm
  • Serrated leg design
  • Cannulated for 1.6 mm K wire.
  • First anatomically shaped titanium implant designed to correct leg length differences
  • Reinforced central area
  • Shipped sterile
  • Fast, minimally invasive surgery technology
  • Ideal biomechanical alignment
  • Low fluoroscopy times (35% reduction) compared to plate systems
  • Alignment template ensures precise placement
  • Easy to remove using 2.0 mm K wire with threaded tip
  • ONE set of instruments for two indications: PediatrOS™ FlexTack™ and PediatrOS™ RigidTack™
  • Immediate weight-bearing possible
  • Staple implant for bone growth guidance by means of temporary epiphysiodesis to correct leg length discrepancies

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