Our History - Merete GmbH
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From the beginning to this day

Our History

20 years of Merete

Within the orthopaedic surgical product market, Merete stands for twenty years of innovation and proven German-manufactured solutions.
Merete remains fully committed to patient well-being, continually developing new products and service-oriented concepts in close cooperation with surgeons and hospital managers. Merete&Friends Magazine has more information on the broad-based appreciation the BioBall® system enjoys, and its many long-term users.


Click here to read how it all began:

Initial approval of EpiCup™ EPICAL™

Cementless acetabular cups with EPICAL™ surfaces and OsteoNest™ structures are approved. The EpiCup™ represents an elastic primary cup with up to 90% more surface area thanks to its OsteoNest™ structure— which means the EpiCup™ can anchor into the acetabulum especially effectively. The calcium-enriched EPICAL™ surface helps facilitate osseointegration even more.
The EPICAL™ process, developed together with BAM (the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) is not a coating, but a transformation of the titanium surface.

Merete Academy

The merete innovation lunch held in April of 2016 marked the start of a new concept of the merete academy. Presenters and participants from all over Germany met up in Berlin to exchange ideas in context of this lecture series. Presentations and lively discussions on “Bridging peri- and interprosthetic femoral fractures” and “The next generation of growth guidance” were held in 2016 within the innovation lunch framework.

CEO Alexia Anapliotis

Alexia Anapliotis, daughter of Merete founder Emmanuel Anapliotis, takes over as CEO of Merete. Mrs. Anapliotis has been actively involved in the company’s development since its founding.

Dual Mobility Goes BioBall®:

BioBall® MaxiMotion™, Merete’s modular solution for preventing dislocation, is implanted for the first time.


PediatrOS™ FlexTack™ / RigidTack™ – first successful operation

PediatrOS™ FlexTack™ / RigidTack™ implants for growth guidance in children’s and adolescents’ legs using temporary hemi-epiphysiodesis and epiphysiodesis. The first implant operation is successfully carried out at the University Hospital of Münster in 2014. Both staple implants receive FDA approval in December of 2015.

10 years of MetaFix™

The MetaFix™ product family has been expanding continuously ever since the MetaFix™ I fixed-angle plate for correcting Hallux valgus was first introduced in 2003. By 2017, this product family also included eight additional surgical bone plates specially developed for treating a variety of indications using fixed-angle anchoring.

The FDA approved the MetaFix™ BLP for the US market in 2005. Additional approvals followed in the years 2006-2014, resulting in Merete achieving a strong position on the US market with its FootFamily product group.

For more information on our foot surgery product portfolio, visit:


MetaFix™ BLP receives FDA approval in 2005. Bit by bit, the system was expanded as gradually more products were approved (2006, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014); today, nearly the entire portfolio is available in the USA.

Metafix I

BioBall® AdapterSelector™ approval:

Merete expands the BioBall® Adapter System to include the innovative BioBall® Adapter Selector™, giving surgeons more intra-operative security in inspecting the tapers on in situ stems during hip revision surgery. Merete has patent rights on the Adapter Selector™ in Europe as well as in the US.

Adapter Selector

Welcome to the United States of America

Merete USA founded. Besides the BioBall® system, Merete receives particularly wide recognition in the US for its FootFamily and OsteoBridge™ systems. Since entering into the US market, Merete has already received 25 FDA approvals.
Merete Technology Inc.

EPICAL™ – innovative osseopromotive surface with no flaking

The German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) develops the calcium-containing EPICAL™ titanium surface with Merete’s assistance, and grants Merete sole usage rights to its patents. In 2013, after intensive testing, EPICAL™ technology is approved for use in all Merete hip stems.


EPICAL™ releases calcium to help intensify and accelerate integration of the implant surface into the surrounding bone tissue. The original implant surface and dimensioning are preserved, and because it is not a coating, there is no risk of flaking.

For more information on the EPICAL™ surface’s effects, please see our page:

OsteoBridge™ System approval

Introduction of OsteoBridge™ System for diaphyseal care of long bones following fractures or tumour resections.
The OsteoBridge™ system product group has been constantly expanded since OsteoBridge™ diaphysis implants were first approved (with FDA approval following in 2006). Users now have access to a wide variety of customisable solutions for bridging bone defects and providing intramedullary treatment of complex, periprosthetic fractures:

  • OsteoBridgeTM Small Bone: Diaphyseal treatment of small bones e.g. radius or ulna
  • OsteoBridgeTM knee arthrodesis: Angled reinforcement of knee joint for temporary or permanent bridging between femur and tibia
  • OsteoBridgeTM IntraDocking™: intramedullary treatment of periprosthetic and interprosthetic fractures with modular fixation elements.

For more information about our OsteoBridge™ system, please see:

Merete offers solutions for Hallux valgus

Introduction to the development and production of fixed-angle implants for foot surgery.

Approval of the BioBall® System as a “modular head system for hip revision surgery”

Soon after their introduction onto the market, BioBall® heads established themselves as an indispensable system, and are now considered the gold standard for hip surgery. FDA approval followed in 2013. Today, users in more than 33 countries trust the proven BioBall® modular head system in revision surgery. Read more about the BioBall® system here.

BioBall Geschichte


Merete was founded at the end of 1996 by Emmanuel Anapliotis, a pioneer of the modern orthopaedic implant industry in Germany. His company, Mecron Med. Produkte GmbH Berlin, produced a number of innovative products during the 1970s and 80s, including duo-head bipolar hip endoprostheses, spherical screw cups, MecroSet modular resection prostheses, Mecron cannulated screws, and Mecron knee braces. He remains an active driver of innovation within the Merete Group. Merete GmbH, with headquarters in Berlin, has been responsible for the R&D and Sales/Marketing divisions since 2016.

Emmanuel Anapliotis, Gründer