Company - Merete GmbH
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With many years of experience as a successful implant manufacturer in Germany, we offer innovative joint-surgery and traumatology solutions to help promote profound, sustainable and safe orthopaedic treatment of patient extremities.

Seigel German Premium Quality

Merete is an owner-managed German company with business operations in more than 33 countries. Thanks to cutting-edge production technologies and an exceptional team of engineers, the company has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing top-quality implants and instruments under one roof for over twenty years now, in the German capital city of Berlin.

It sets new standards in the field of paediatric orthopaedics, and offers an ever-growing portfolio of innovative implants for hip revision and primary hip care, foot surgery, major bone defects, bone tumours, periprosthetic fractures and trauma.




years of experience



Why do doctors choose Merete?

Because trust is important: patients count on their doctors to provide them with safe, high-quality medical care. Merete GmbH’s German-manufactured implants and instruments support orthopaedic surgeons around the world. Working in continuous dialogue with experienced and highly respected users, we develop sophisticated modular solutions for a wide range of complex issues. We work side by side with surgeons to achieve our primary goal: maximum patient well-being.


The Power of Innovation

The market for bone surgical medical products relies upon proven solutions. By developing simple solutions for difficult problems, Merete has blazed trails that have now become gold standards in medical technology. The story of BioBall® as a simple yet unparalleled system has been continued through other Merete products and solutions. Merete GmbH’s impressive product families are sophisticated modular systems that allow optimum results under practically any intraoperative circumstances.

20 years of Merete

In 2017, Merete celebrated its 20th company anniversary. Merete was founded at the end of 1996 by Emmanuel Anapliotis, a pioneer of the modern orthopaedic implant industry in Germany. His company, Mecron Med. Produkte GmbH Berlin, produced a number of innovative products during the 1970s and 80s, including duo-head bipolar hip endoprostheses, spherical screw cups, MecroSet modular resection prostheses, Mecron cannulated screws, and Mecron knee braces. He remains an active driver of innovation within the Merete Group.

Emmanuel Anapliotis, Gründer
Emmanuel Anapliotis, Gründer